Top Rated Kydex Holsters – A Good Kydex Holster Will Last Forever

Top Rated Kydex OWB Holster for 1911 Commander

Top Rated Kydex Holsters So you are looking for a good quality holster for your shiny new blaster? You have come to the right place if you are looking for information about Kydex Holsters. What is kydex and why is it used to make holsters? Kydex is a hard plastic that is a composite of … Read more

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute: Planning your trip: Updated for 2022

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute: 4- Day Defensive Handgun Course. Planning Your Trip A trip to Front Sight Firearm Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada is a very fun and rewarding experience. If you are new to handguns or a seasoned shooter, you will learn to be comfortable and proficient with your weapon. This course is … Read more

Defensive Handgun Shooting Techniques: How to Master the Type 2 Handgun Malfunction

Type 2 handgun malfunction

The Type 2 Handgun Malfunction What is a Type 2 Malfunction? The Type 2 malfunction, also referred to as a “stovepipe”, is a common handgun malfunction. Fortunately, it is quick and easy to clear, and with practice, can be cleared in less than 1 second! See Type 1 and Type 3 malfunctions. Learning to clear this type … Read more

Front Sight 4-Day Defensive Handgun Gear: What To Take

Four Day Defensive Handgun Training: What gear to bring to Front Sight Classes This article will help you prepare by having the right gear to take to the 4-Day Defensive Handgun Class at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Pahrump, Nevada. If you are just a beginner or are looking for tactical handgun training schools, … Read more

Why You Need Defensive Firearms Training

Defensive firearms training

Knowing How to Shoot a Pistol Does Not Mean You Know How to Use a Gun for Personal Defense If you are going to carry a concealed firearm I highly encourage you to seek out formal defensive handgun training. I am NOT talking about the class you took in order to get your concealed carry … Read more

How To Clean a Kimber 1911 – Cleaning a 1911 .45 ACP Pistol

Cleaning Instructions for a 1911 .45 ACP Pistol 1911 Cleaning Instructions In this article, I am going to show you, step by step, how to properly field strip and clean a 1911. I will use a Kimber Pro Carry II pistol for the demonstration.  You will see the gun cleaning tools and supplies that I … Read more

Airline Carry Rules-How to Fly with a Firearm

Sportlock Gun Case can hold 2 handguns

Taking a Gun on a Plane- Airline Firearm Rules When I tell people I am travelling to Nevada for Firearms training (I live in Philadelphia, PA), a question that often comes up is, “You can’t take your gun on a plane, can you?” The answer is “Yes, you can!” Most non-gun people do not realize … Read more

5 Gun Products you will want in your range bag

5 Useful Product to Have in Your Range Bag I have been carrying a concealed firearm for 10-plus years and taken many handgun training classes. I have cleaned and adjusted my guns MANY times, and practiced countless drills. Here are 5 products that I have found to be extremely useful: Boresnake This is a must-have … Read more

How to Concealed Carry: Dos and Don’ts

Concealed Carry Dos and Don’ts Carrying a firearm for personal protection is a big responsibility. Knowing how to concealed carry a firearm on your person could save the life of you or a loved one, but proper care must be taken at all times to avoid the potential for bad things to happen. Do These … Read more