Type 1 Malfunction Drill

Type 1 Malfunction drill rack the slide

What is a Type 1 Malfunction? The Type 1 malfunction is by far the most common malfunction of a semi-automatic pistol. Fortunately, it is also the easiest to clear, and with practice, can be cleared in less than 1 second! The definition of a Type 1 malfunction is a “failure to fire”. This simply means … [Read more…]

5 Gun Products you will want in your range bag

Hoppes Boresnake

I have been carrying a concealed firearm for 10-plus years and taken many handgun training classes. I have cleaned and adjusted my guns MANY times, and practiced countless drills. Here are 5 products that I have found to be extremely useful: Boresnake This is a must-have especially if you are traveling or taking multi-day training … [Read more…]

How to Concealed Carry: Dos and Don’ts

Carrying a firearm for personal protection is a big responsibility. Knowing how to concealed carry a firearm on your person could save the life of you or a loved one, but proper care must be taken at all times to avoid the potential for bad things to happen. Here are 5 important things to consider … [Read more…]