About Dave

My name is Dave and I have been carrying concealed daily for over 10 years and have extensive Defensive Handgun training and Practical Rifle training.

Dave carrying AR-15 in Nevada

Rifle Training in Nevada

Using different carry methods as the season and dress code permit, my preferred method is and has always been IWB (Inside the Waistband) using a Crossbreed or Alien Gear holster.

When I first received my concealed Carry license, I tried a lot of different holsters until I found a few that worked for me.

I started with, believe it or not, a cheap shoulder holster to carry my Astra Constable II .380 (a James Bond Walther PPK knockoff)! This holster was too difficult to put on so I did not use it for long.

Since I carry every time I leave the house, I needed a comfortable holster that was also easy to put on and take off.

I bought a few cheap nylon holsters, which were easy, but I was constantly concerned about it moving around on the belt, or allowing the gun to fall out if I had to run, reach or bend over to pick something up.

I eventually realized that a $20 holster was not going to work for me. I bit the bullet and purchased the only kydex & leather holster on the market, the Crossbreed Supertuck for just north of $69.

I still wear it 10 years later! Best investment I have made on gun accessories to date. Since then, several companies have made similar designs, and Alien Gear is one that really nailed it, AND made it considerably less expensive.

This site is to help you decide on a good concealed carry holster from someone who has tried many, many holsters and actually uses the product on a daily basis.

I hope this site helps you find a great solution to your needs!



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