About Dave

My name is Dave and I have been carrying concealed daily for over 10 years and have extensive Defensive Handgun training and Practical Rifle training. I am a proud holder of 2 Distinguished Graduate Certificates from Front sight Firearms Training Institute. I have taken Advanced Tactical Handgun training as well.

Dave carrying AR-15 in Nevada

Rifle Training in Nevada

I originally created this website to share and review a few holsters that I used during my training classes. I enjoyed writing the reviews and making a few videos, so I decided to expand the website to include my experiences with handgun training and review some of the great gear I have used over the years.

I am constantly learning about the world of guns, self defense, holsters, 2nd amendment issues and will continue to post new articles and tutorials on this site as often as possible.

It is my hope that some of the things I write about will help you learn something or find out about a quality product that will make your gun related activities more enjoyable!