Handgun Malfunction Drills: How to Master the Type 3 Malfunction

The Type 3 Handgun Malfunction Drill What is a Type 3 Handgun Malfunction? The third firearm malfunction we will discuss is the “dreaded” type 3 malfunction, also known as a double feed, or “brass low”. You can see the Type 1 Malfunction and Type 2 Malfunction here. Further definitions of firearms malfunctions can be found … Read more

Defensive Handgun Shooting Techniques: How to Master the Type 2 Handgun Malfunction

Type 2 handgun malfunction

The Type 2 Handgun Malfunction What is a Type 2 Malfunction? The Type 2 malfunction, also referred to as a “stovepipe”, is a common handgun malfunction. Fortunately, it is quick and easy to clear, and with practice, can be cleared in less than 1 second! See Type 1 and Type 3 malfunctions. Learning to clear this type … Read more