dummy rounds

Why Use Snap Caps and Dummy Rounds?

I prefer using dummy rounds, or “snap caps” to perform my many hours of dry firing training and gun manipulation drills. I have been asked why use snap caps or dummy rounds when practicing these drills? There are many reasons to use them and I will go into them in this article as well as detail how they can be used for various malfunction and reloading drills. What is Dry Firing? Dry firing is simply operating a gun or pistol…

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5 Gun Products you will want in your range bag

I have been carrying a concealed firearm for 10-plus years and taken many handgun training classes. I have cleaned and adjusted my guns MANY times, and practiced countless drills. Here are 5 products that I have found to be extremely useful: Boresnake This is a must-have especially if you are traveling or taking multi-day training classes. Made by Hoppes, this product allows you to clean the bore of your pistol in less that a minute. Just pass it through the…

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