1. Dave

    Hey Dave,

    I had a revolver while I was traveling to mexico last summer but the agents at our local airlines complicated things so much that I had to go without it.

    It wasn’t loaded and I had license sheets for it. But still they refused me. I had to pick it up six months after I came back. I had followed all the guidelines you have given here.

    Sometimes I think the agents just decide to make things tough for you for no apparent reason.

    • Dave

      Sorry to hear that! I don’t know the gun laws in Mexico but I believe they are pretty strict. I am guessing there were issues because it was an international flight? At least you were able to get it back!

  2. Jeremy

    Wow, I actually never knew you could check firearms when flying. I don’t know if my brother is a police officer knows all of this, I’ll have to ask him. Definitely a lot of steps someone would have to take, but if wanting or needing to take the firearm at least it’s possible. It’s nice to know the safe process they have if someone does check these in their baggage too just for me. Thanks for sharing!

    • Dave

      Jeremy, thanks for your comment! I don’t think most people ever think about the fact that people travel with firearms quite often. It is one of those things you don’t notice and the airlines really do a good job keeping it smooth and not drawing attention to anyone that is checking guns following procedure. Once you do it a few times, it is really only a minor inconvenience, but not at all hard to do.

  3. Mitch Crim

    Quite an interesting read! I’ve never taken a gun on an airplane, so it was, definitely, an eye-opener for me!!

    I found I couldn’t stop reading your page. I think part of it was looking for some information on how New York residents do when they need to take their firearms with them when travelling.

    In any case, I’m happy I chose your page to comment on, as I’ve learned something new today. Thanks!

    • Dave

      Thank you, Mitch for reading my post! I will look into the New York question and add any new info to the post. That’s a real good question. I know I was quite nervous the first time I traveled to a training class in Nevada, but all turned out ok and now I am not concerned at all.

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