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USCCA Silver Membership

Currently the USCCA offers a Gold, Platinum and Elite Memberships ranging in price from $25-$47/month.

**Update 10/15/20. USCCA has just increased the benefits on ALL levels. Also added many more resources and online training. Please go to this link to see all the new features!

**Update: The Silver Level USCCA Membership was recently discontinued. Current Silver Level members will continue to remain at that level until such time as the USCCA changes your agreement.

**Update 9/14/2020: I read an article online that stated the Silver USCCA Membership was available if you call in to USCCA and request it. This is INCORRECT. I called them to verify and they confirmed that this is no longer offered at all. They did inform me that people that were Silver Members before it was discontinued are “grandfathered” in and will continue to receive benefits at this level.

Please go to this link to view the current membership costs and levels from USCCA. Or go here to Join the USCCA.

The Silver Membership was the entry level membership that was offered by the United Stated Concealed Carry Association.

USCCA vs. FLP (Firearms Legal Protection)

FLP (Firearms Legal Protection) is a less expensive alternative to the USCCA Membership. FLP does not provide the level of training that is found in a USCCA membership, rather they provide UNCAPPED legal defense insurance to fight for your freedom after a self defense event using a firearm.

The rates are considerably less than USCCA as their primary focus is on providing legal services. Check them out at this link and use discount code DMONYER receive the lowest rate: Firearms Legal Protection.

Firearms Legal Protection has plans that start at $9.95/mo. Just click the link below for more information.

Firearms Legal Protection

from $9.95/month

Firearms Legal Protection Discounted Rates

FLP is highly regarded and recommended by some of the top names in the self defense firearms industry. Be sure to check them out before you make a decision.

How Much is a USCCA Membership?

See the complete comparison of all USCCA Membership Levels.

There are three levels of membership, with increasing benefits and resources as follows;

The Gold Membership costs $29 per month or $299 if paid annually. (Save $49)

The Platinum Membership costs $39 per month or $399 if paid annually. (Save $69)

The Elite Membership costs $49 per month or $499 if paid annually. (Save $89)

USCCA Membership Benefits Comparison

USCCA Silver Membership Benefits

Self Defense SHIELD Coverage for Civil Defense and Damages:

$250,000 per occurrence for Civil Defense and Legal Liability

$250 per day for loss of income (up to occurrence limit)

Self Defense Shield Coverage for Criminal Defense, Lawyer and Bail funding:

$50,000 Limit for Criminal Defense per Occurrence

$2,000 Limit for Expenses for incidentals (up to occurrence limit)

$2500 Limit on Bail Bond ( up to occurrence limit)

Access to 1 Year of back issues of the Award winning Concealed Carry Magazine.

Concealed Carry Magazine

5 Lifesaving Guides and eBooks.

Access to The Proving Ground Scenario Based Training Series with over 30 videos.

Universal USCCA Membership Benefits

The following list of benefits are included with every membership, regardless of level:

Self Defense SHIELD Coverage

Here are some great features of the USCCA Self Defense insurance coverage:

  • Response Team ready to help:. Highly trained agents ready to assist are just a phone call away to handle your emergency. They are available 24/7/365.
  • You have the option to choose your own lawyer, or use the USCCA Network of attorneys that are experienced in self defense and firearms law.
  • Funds are paid up front, so you have no out-of-pocket expenses for Attorney retainers and fees, criminal defense and bail bonds so you do not need to worry about it in your time of crisis.
  • Any legal weapon is covered, not just firearms when used for self defense.

Firearms Legal Protection

from $9.95/month

Firearms Legal Protection Discounted Rates

FLP is highly regarded and recommended by some of the top names in the self defense firearms industry. Be sure to check them out before you make a decision.

Concealed Carry, Self Defense and Home Defense Education:

Here are some of the valuable member resources available instantly when you join:

  • Extensive digital Library that is chock-full, training guides, checklists for home security, ebooks on concealed carry and self defense plus video training series.
  • USCCA’s Concealed Carry Magazine. You will receive a print and digital subscription to USCCA’s award-winning publication, plus online access to back issues as outlined in the details of your particular membership level. Silver Membership has access to 1 year of back issues.
  • Weekly online Training videos. A new training video is released each week to help keep your skills up to date and your mind ready to defend yourself and your loved ones.
  • Member Deals & Discounts. Enjoy considerable discounts on gear from trusted industry partners and early-bird access to newly released USCCA training.
  • USCCA Certified Instructor Network. Ramp up your training with a certified instructor from the USCCA’s growing nationwide network.
  • Award-Winning Member Support. 24/7 access to an expert Member Services Team. USCCA’s Wisconsin-based response team is second to none.
  • Free Expo Entry At The Door.  Free daily entry at the door to the annual USCCA Concealed Carry Expo. Elite Members will recieve the VIP Experience.
  • Spouse Membership Discounts.  Your spouse can join the same community and organization you trust at a fraction of the price. See USCCA Membership Costs and Levels for details.
  • Permit Notifications. You will be notified before your Concealed Carry Permit expires.
  • Community Giving Program. The USCCA Community Giving Program helps support communities in need with free training and resources.

If you are interested in finding out more about the USCCA, click here to go to their website. I am a proud Platinum Level Member of the USCCA and have added my wife as a Spouse membership.

USCCA Membership Welcome Packet

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  1. I think during these critical times we live in it’s very important to have an organization like the USCCA that is devoted to gun ownership. Firearms are necessary for self and family protection but also prone to abuse. This is where the USCCA training comes in. This association is well resourced and seems to cover many concepts that are helpful towards ensuring firearms are used in the proper way.

    • Nozipho, thanks for the comment! A USCCA membership will provide all the info you need to be a responsible USA gun owner, including legal and financial support should you need to protect yourself or loved ones with force!


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