How to Clean a Springfield XD or XDm 9mm or 45 Pistol

How to Disassemble, Clean and Lubricate a Springfield XD or XDm 9mm or XD 45 Pistol

Springfield XDm 9mm Pistol
Springfield XDm 9mm Pistol

I am going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to clean and lubricate a Springfield XD or XDm 9mm pistol. This will also work for a Springfield XD 45.

From taking it apart (field stripping) to complete reassembly, this tutorial will have you quickly and confidently performing this task in 10-15 minutes.

There is also a video at the bottom of the article.

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This is pretty straight forward as the XD and XDm guns are very well-designed to come apart and clean easily. After doing this once, you will be able to do it even quicker the next time without instructions!

The Springfield XD is also designed to come apart without having to press the trigger. Some guns, like Glock, require the trigger to be pulled in order to release the slide, which has resulted in some negligent discharges in the past. This is mostly the result of the failure to unload the gun prior to cleaning, however, it also helps to avoid pulling the trigger when you are not on the range!

If you have never tried to take down (field strip) a semiautomatic gun, rest easy as it is not hard or complicated. At least not the Springfield XD.

Clean, Lube, Protect

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Most guns come apart in a similar way, but different manufacturers have different ways to release the slide, and you should always find a tutorial before attempting to remove the slide from an unfamiliar gun for the first time.

Springfield XD Cleaning and Lubrication Supplies

Here are the supplies you will need to complete the disassembly and cleaning of the XD or XDm pistol. There are lots of different cleaning products, so I will list the ones I have used for years of trouble free results.




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Brownells also carries all the products you need to clean your handgun. Check them out here: Handgun Cleaning supplies.

Springfield XD or XDm Cleaning Supplies
Springfield XD or XDm Cleaning Supplies

Gun cleaning Solvent Dispenser Video

Steps to Field Strip and clean the Springfield XD or XDm 9mm pistol

Unload the gun

This is the most important step. Eject any magazine that is in the gun by pressing the magazine release button, and then remove the round in the chamber. Be sure to do it in that order! Magazine first, then empty the chamber! Remove any and all ammo from the area.

Unload the gun

Repeat Step 1. Verify the gun is completely unloaded

This step is in case you skipped step number one.

Double check the chamber

Remove the slide, the barrel, the recoil spring and the guide rod

Lock the slide to the rear using slide stop lever.

Lock the Slide to the Rear

Rotate the take-down lever clockwise from the 9 o’clock position to the 12 o’clock position.

Rotate the Take Down Lever to 12 o'clock

Release the Slide Stop and move the slide forward and off of the front of the gun frame.

Remove the Slide from the Front of the Gun

Turn the slide upside down and Depress the Guide Rod Toward the Front of the Slide to release from the barrel.

Depress the Guide Rod Toward the Front of the Slide to release from the barrel

Carefully lift the guide rod and recoil spring out of the slide.

Carefully remove the recoil spring and guide rod

Remove the barrel from the slide.

Remove the Barrel from the Slide

That’s it for the disassembly of the Springfield XD. This is as far as you need to go to give the gun a good cleaning, or to replace the recoil spring.

XD Disassembled

Clean barrel and guide rod

You can clean the inside of the barrel in one of two ways:

1. Run a Boresnake through the barrel several times. For extremely dirty barrels, apply some Hoppes No. 9 solvent to the inside of the barrel with Q-tips and let it sit for a few minutes before running the boresnake through.

Run a Boresnake through the barrel several times

2. Using a pistol rod and cloth patches. Wet the patches with Hoppes solvent and using the rod, push wet patches through the barrel until they come out clean. Depending on how dirty the barrel is, you may need a lot of patches.

Clean the feed ramp of the barrel with Hoppes No. 9 solvent.

Clean the Feedramp with Hoppes No. 9 Solvent

Be sure the barrel and feed ramp are nice and clean.

Be sure the barrel and feed ramp are nice and clean

Use Hoppes Number 9 solvent & a rag or spray with Birchwood Gun Scrubber to clean the recoil spring and guide rod assembly. Wipe any remaining solvent off with a micro fiber cloth or paper towel.

Clean the recoil spring and Guide Rod

Clean the gun frame

Use Hoppes #9 solvent and a paper towel or cotton swabs to clean all surfaces of the frame, especially the rails where the slide contacts the frame. On the XD/XDm and other guns that have a polymer (plastic) frame, do not get Hoppes No. 9 solvent on parts that are not metal.

Clean all metal surfaces of the frame

The best way to clean a polymer frame is to spray it down with Birchwood Casey Synthetic-Safe Gun Scrubber or equivalent. After using either cleaner, use a micro fiber cloth or rag to wipe any excess solvent off of the frame.

Use Birchwood Synthetic Safe Gun Scrubber to clean the Frame.

Clean the Slide

Use Hoppes No. 9 solvent and a cotton swab or paper towel to clean all surfaces on the inside of the slide, especially the areas that contact the frame rails during operation.

Clean the notches in the slide with Hoppes No 9 Solvent

Be sure to get the breech face and extractor.

Clean the breech face and extractor



Using a quality lubricant such as Frog Lube, Slip 2000 or my new favorite, Original Gun Oil (Warning: this stuff is not cheap, but it is non-toxic, non-scented and non-staining and supports Veterans. Use code SAVEWITHDAVE to save 10%).

Add just a few drops to the following areas:


  • Rails
  • Hammer pivot
  • Slide stop
  • All moving parts in trigger control area


  • Rails
  • Hammer cocking surface
  • Firing pin aperture

No need for more than a few drops. The oil will move around on its own and coat the necessary surfaces.

Reassemble the gun

This part is very simple once you do it a few times. Set the slide upside down and put the barrel into the slide. Then place the recoil spring assembly on top and press on the end so it fits in the groove on the barrel as shown in the picture.

Place the barrel recoil spring and guide rod back in the slide

Then line up the slide with the frame and slide it on.

Line up slide with frame and slide it on

Move it to the rear and lock the slide back with the slide lock lever. Lock the Slide all the way to the rear with the slide stop lever

Rotate the take down lever counter clockwise to the 9 o’clock position.

Lock the slide to the rear

Release the slide stop and allow the slide to move all the way forward.

Allow the slide all the way foward and the gun is now reassembled.

Work the slide back and forth several times to be sure it operates properly, and to allow the lube to spread into all the areas that move.

Work the slide back and forth

After working the slide, some oil may seep out between the slide and the frame. This is just some excess you can simply wipe away.

Lastly, you can test the functionality of the gun by taking some dummy rounds and loading the gun with them. Now make sure a round is ejected every time you rack the slide to the rear.

The gun is now clean, fully assembled and ready for another day at the gun range!

How to Clean a Springfield XD or XDm Pistol video

Thanks for reading my tutorial on cleaning a Springfield XD or XDm 9mm pistol! I hope this has helped you out.

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For answers to other gun cleaning questions, see the  Gun Cleaning FAQ page.

Please leave a comment below if you have any improvements I could make, or to share your experience with this gun.

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