Great Gifts for Shooting Enthusiasts- Gun Lover Gift Ideas

Gun Gifts Under the Christmas Tree

Gift Ideas for Shooting Enthusiasts

So you need some Birthday or Christmas gift ideas for the gun lover in your family?

Well, I am here to help you with some fabulous gifts that anyone who is a gun nut (like myself) or shooting enthusiast will be thrilled to receive!

I know it is hard to buy gifts for someone especially if you do not share their particular passion in shooting. And if you do share a love if guns, you just might want to buy some of these items for yourself!

One of the things that makes buying gifts related to guns difficult is the fact that many states have very strict gun laws and certain items are not easy to acquire. So I am going to make this easy for you and only give you gift ideas that are not affected by any laws and you should be able to order any of these from Amazon and other online stores without any issues whatsoever.

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I have included listed high quality and useful Christmas and Birthday Day gun gifts first, and Novelty gun gifts at the end of the article in case you still are not sure what your shooter needs!

I actually own almost all of these items, so you can ask any questions you want in the comment section below, and I will answer them within 24 hours!

Ammunition always makes a fantastic gift, but you must know the caliber your gun guy or gal uses and you must know the gun laws in your state for you to buy ammo, so we will leave that one for those of you who know what you’re doing.

Gun Tool Pro

First up is a very handy tool called the Gun Tool Pro which has 30 common tools used on guns in one small convenient package. I heard about this on one of the good podcasts that I listen to and I bought one and I use it all the time. I keep it in my range bag so it is always there when I need it.

Gun Oil

Every gun needs to be lubricated. There are a boatload of good lubricants on the market, but this one the best. It is non-staining, non-toxic and non-scented. the sale of each bottle supports Veterans and the maker is a Veteran. I started using this when I found out about it a few months ago and it works great! Its a bit pricey, but what a great gift!

Order from Original Gun Oil Use the code SAVEWITHDAVE to save 10%.

See article on cleaning and lubricating a 1911 pistol here.

Holster Shirt

This is one of the most innovative ways to carry concealed! This enables the covert carry of a small to medium sized firearm and also wear a suit, tucked in shirt, or even gym shorts without worrying about the gun coming out or being seen. Available in black or white, with sleeves or sleeveless. See my article on CCW holster shirts.

Shooting Targets

Here’s something every shooting enthusiast  needs in large supply, targets! You can always shoot at a paper plate or a cheap paper target, but these Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C  targets make it super easy to see where you hit on the target because the outside edges of the holes turn bright green or orange wherever you hit so you can see it from a long distance away. These are especially good for rifle shooters but work extremely well for handguns too.

Here is another type of target, it is the official NRA silhouette target which is what some shooters prefer.

Hearing Protection

This item is a must for the range. It is electronic and allows you to hear everything going on around you, and yet muffles the sound of a gun shot instantly. These are required at all firearm training facilities because the student need to hear the instructors commands and warnings, but eardrums still needs to be protected. If your shooter does not have these, this is an awesome gift he or she will use all the time!

Here is a fantastic inexpensive, yet practical gift. These are emergency earplugs. Most gun guys and shooters have a really nice set of electronic hearing protection, but sometimes batteries go dead or they are forgotten at home and an emergency pair of earplugs or two is just the ticket to have on hand.

A Lifetime of Defensive Firearms Training

Give your firearms enthusiast a gift that they can use for a lifetime, an online defensive firearms training program. This is not nearly as expensive as you would think. There are options for less than $70 and what a wonderful gift! Watch the short video below and click the link to see the details from Shooting Performance.

Ammunition Storage Cans

Just like you can never have too much ammo, you can never have too many ammo cans! Not only is this great gift but it is also a great place to put other gifts inside of it to make one super awesome gift basket for your favorite shooting enthusiast!

Shot Timer

For someone who is working on their shooting speed and accuracy, nothing is more useful than a shot timer. This slick device listens for gunshots and can be used to time how long it takes from when the button is pushed until the shots are on target. Very useful for competitive shooters looking to improve their speed and accuracy.

Self Healing Target

Here is another type of unique target. This rugged piece of self healing rubber can be shot hundreds of times. I have one of these and it is  a lot of fun! You will just throw it on the ground, shoot it and it will jump and spin, and becomes a moving target for you to shoot again. It is a great item for challenging yourself being able to shoot targets on the move.

Maxpedition Jumbo Versi-pack Range Bag

This is a great bag! My wife got it for me before my latest training class and I am never going back to another bag! Granted, they are not cheap, but Maxpedition makes the best, most durable hard-use gear available, and I know this will be the last one I will ever buy.

This is a great bag! My wife got one of these for me and I love it! This one is the perfect size for going to the range, and I recommend for training as well. Plenty of space and organization and will hold ALL of these items:

  • spare magazines
  • hearing protection
  • Gun tool Pro
  • small bottle of gun oil
  • box of rounds
  • water bottle (side pocket)
  • protein bars (no chocolate in Nevada, bad idea)
  • sun block (I was in Nevada, a must-have)
  • shooting gloves
  • flashlight See my Best Tactical LED Flashlight Review. 
  • spare batteries
  • wallet
  • etc

You get it, pretty much everything you need for a day of training or a day at the local range.

USCCA Platinum Membership

If you want to give a great, unique gift that lasts a year or more and money is not an issue, (a year of Platinum Membership can be purchased for $399) set your gun enthusiast up with a membership at the United States Concealed Carry Association. They will have access to all the concealed carry and home defense training and education they will ever need. See the article on USCCA Platinum Membership.

USCCA membership gift

They will also receive a paper & digital subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine and have online access to 5 years of back issues. Members also get USCCA Protector Academy online training and tons of ebooks, checklists and guides to help protect home and family. All members are covered up to $2,250,000 in Self defense Liability Insurance*.

The benefits go on…check out this great gift! USCCA Membership Information.

Gun Enthusiast novelty gifts

Here are some awesome, inexpensive gift with a shooting theme, perfect for the gun lover in your world! I have some of these items myself as my family loves to buy me t-shirts, mugs and other conversation-starting items. Check them out, all are available on amazon.


Below are some pretty cool mugs you might consider.


Always a great gift, T-shirts make a statement over and over again! Here are some of my personal favorites.

I hope you have found the perfect gift for the Gun Enthusiast in you life! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my article. Please leave comments, questions or suggestions of other item I could include below in the comments section!


9 thoughts on “Great Gifts for Shooting Enthusiasts- Gun Lover Gift Ideas”

  1. Great gift ideas. I like guns my self. Especially black powder rifles. I only own a modern black powder rifle at them moment, but am going to get a flint lock real soon. I especially like the bag I can use it to carry my gear with me when I am hunting in my stand. It will be especially useful to hold all my ammo and cleaning supplies when i am out shooting either my black powder rifle or my 308.

    The New Guy

    • New Guy,

      Thanks for the comment! I love guns and gear, and I will be getting more for Christmas,  I am sure! I have not shot any flintlock rifles but I would love to try that someday.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I’m not so much of a gun person, I tried bow and arrow.

    That was just for fun, nothing serious for competition and similar, but it was a nice experience. Although I watched ‘X files’ as a kid, and always wondered how those agents manage guns so good and wanted to try it myself, I think I wouldn’t do that now. : )

    I watched some people on Youtube that used guns improperly and it shows that one needs preparation for this. People don’t take this too seriously.

    How was your first experience with the gun?Were you prepared and relaxed, or anxious?

    Btw, gifts you listed are great for the people that love guns.This Police Silhouette Shooting Target reminds me of the ones in action movies I watched.Best wishes,


    • Suzana,

      Thanks for the comment! I have seen those Youtube videos and some of those guys are not too bright. Guns should be respected and are not something to use as a joke in a video.

      My first experience with a gun was about 28 years ago, but I was being taught by an instructor at a shooting range, so I was not worried about anything. He taught me well and I have continued to learn and guns part of my life ever since. I am a big proponent of training and practice and continue to take classes every year.

  3. Very interesting post. I have gun enthusiasts in the family and the one idea that I found really interesting was the 30 in one gun tool. I think that would be really handy to have all the tools needed to service any gun or rifle in one place.

    I have attended a shooting competition a few years back and found it very interesting and a very disciplined sport 

  4. Great gun gift ideas. I’ll look into a couple. I love guns mysels, at 65 it’s bee 55 years since daddy got me the first one LOL ever since they have been a major part of my life. Do you think gifting gun stuff helps with the overall look of gun people? O do. I think it humanizes it. My family has always had guns and gun education and safety is a family oriented activity!

    • Dennis,

      Thank you for your comment! I agree that giving gun related gifts does help the overall acceptance of the so called “ gun culture”. I think that too many people are nervous around guns because they do not understand them and only see them used on TV for nefarious purposes. Guns should be viewed as tools that, like a lot of tools, can be dangerous if misused, but they are not to be feared. There are over 300,000,000 guns in the US that were never involved in any kind of incident. They are owned and enjoyed by families that use education as a safety net.


  5. wow, I not really into guns myself, but some my mates are. Mainly rifles etc.  I never even thought of buying accessories such as targets etc as presents.  I did like the mug as well that looked pretty cool even for someone like me that not so much into guns.  I now have a few extra ideas for presents for my mates. cheers mate


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