How to Fix a Stuck Slide: M & P Shield 9mm EZ

Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9 mm EZ slide stuck.

How to easily fix your M&P Shield if you get the slide stuck while disassembling or reassembling the gun.

If you have Field stripped your Shield EZ for cleaning, and accidentally pressed the grip safety while putting it back together, you may have experienced getting the slide stuck on the frame. If you are in this predicament, DO NOT WORRY! I am going to show you how to easily get it un-jammed.

I had made a video of how to clean, field strip and reassemble your M&P Shield 9 mm EZ, and one of the comments I received on the video was from someone who got his slide stuck. He was putting it back together and when he put the slide back on the frame, it became jammed to the point that he could not remove the slide no matter what he tried.

I then decided that I would investigate so I took my Shield EZ apart and purposely pressed the grip safety while putting it back together. Sure enough, it became jammed so tightly that I was unable to move it in either direction. I could not disengage the grip safety and the position of the external thumb safety made no difference.

After some quick research on the Internet it became obvious that this was a fairly common issue, but also very easy to resolve. I am going to show you in a few steps (with pictures) how to remove a stuck slide from the Shield EZ 9 mm.

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How to fix your Shield EZ When the Slide Gets Stuck

The slide goes almost all the way on but gets stuck.

Shield EZ slide is stuck almost all the way on

The grip safety lever is stuck in and you cannot get it to pop back out.

Shield EZ Grip Safety lever is stuck

The take down lever will not move in either direction.

Shield EZ Take down lever will not move in either direction

Get a small hammer with a soft plastic tip so you will not damage the gun. Alternatively, apply 2 layers of duct tape to a hammer with a metal head.

Hammer with plastic soft tip

Lightly strike the back of the slide several times until the slide comes free.

Strike the back of the slide in the direction of the front of the gun

After a few light strikes, the slide will move forward on the frame and your gun is fixed.

A few taps and the slide will be released

Now move the slide all the way to the rear WITHOUT PRESSING THE GRIP SAFETY!

Lock the slide back using the slide stop WITHOUT pressing the grip safety.

Rotate the take down lever counter-clockwise to the 3 o’clock position, release the slide stop and allow the slide back to its forward position.

Move the slide stop back to its original position and release the slide stop.

Now you are all done and your Smith & Wesson Shield EZ is fixed and ready to go to the range.

Fix A Stuck Slide on a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm Video

If you need step-by-step instructions on the entire cleaning procedure from beginning to end, click the following link.

How to Field Strip and clean your M&P Shield 9mm EZ Pistol.

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