Firearms Legal Protection Cost & Discount Code (Update 2023)

Firearms Legal Protection Cost & firearms legal protection discount code: Firearms Legal Protection Logo

Firearms Legal Protection Cost Starts at $9.95 using the Discount Code below.

This article provides information on the Firearms Legal Protection cost and provides the Firearms Legal Protection Discount Code. First, the different plans will be listed and basic differences explained.***

FLP (Firearm Legal Protection) is highly regarded and recommended by some of the top names in the self defense firearms industry.

At least check them out before you make a decision on legal protection for yourself and your family.

Firearms Legal Protection Plans offer some of the most affordable self defense insurance protection currently available. 

Firearms Legal Protection Cost of Plans

Pricing of Firearms Legal Protection plans:

The cost of Firearms Legal Protection Individual Basic Plan is $16.95 per month ($9.95 per month using the discount code in this article)

The cost of Firearms Legal Protection Individual Premium Plan is $27.95 per month ($21.95 per month using the discount code in this article)

The cost of Firearms Legal Protection Family Premium Plan is $44.95 per month ($38.95 per month using the promo code in this article)

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Firearms Legal Protection Discount Code

If you decide to give FLP a try, be sure to use the Firearms Legal Protection Discount Code when you check out to get a significant discount.

**Update for 2023: Discount code is no longer needed if you use any of the buttons on this page. Your discount will be automatically applied.

Firearms Legal Protection Cost & Plans

Here is an overview of each of the Firearm Legal Protection Plans. Details for each benefit can be found after the comparison chart below.

You will find that the Firearms Legal Protection cost is extremely competitive with other companies.

Firearms Legal Protection Cost: Individual Basic Plan $9.95/mo

The FLP individual basic plan is the least expensive self-defense legal protection plan you will find anywhere.

I recommend this plan for those on a budget that just want a little extra peace of mind. This plan will help keep you from losing the farm should you need to defend yourself or your family.

This plan features uncapped attorney fees for defense in criminal as well as civil cases and covers the use of all legal weapons, not just firearms. It does, however limit your protection to your state of residence only.

You will still get access to a 24/7 emergency hotline answered by an attorney, the My FLP Mobile App as well as access to all of Firearms Legal Protection digital content and discounts.

Firearms Legal Protection cost & firearms legal protection discount code: man carrying a concealed weapon for self defense

Firearms Legal Protection Cost: Individual Premium Plan $21.95/mo

The FLP Individual Premium Plan increases your benefits to cover you in all 50 states.

Additional premium benefits include such things as the payment of expert witness fees, investigator fees, lost wages, counseling coordination, scene cleanup and other premium features.

This plan is still quite affordable and yet provides comprehensive coverage should you find yourself in a legal bind.

I recommend this plan for anyone that wants the best coverage and greatest peace of mind when carrying a firearm for self defense.

Firearms Legal Protection Cost: Family Premium Plan $38.95/mo

The Family Premium Plan is the same as the Individual Premium Plan, but it is for the whole family. If your spouse also carries a firearm for self protection, this is the plan for you!

This plan simply has all the options available at Firearms Legal Protection covering you as well as your spouse. It also covers any minor children that live in your residence that are 17 years of age or younger.*

This plan is recommended for couples that are looking for the best legal protection available. It is also a considerable savings over having two Individual Premium Plans.

Who would benefit from having a Firearms Legal Protection Membership?

Anyone that carries a firearm for self protection or owns a gun for home defense would benefit from an FLP Membership. Legal protection can be an important part of a good home and family defense plan.

What do Firearms Legal Protection Plans cover?

The plans are designed to assist the Member with legal fees associated with the use of a deadly weapon in a self defense incident. It is commonly known that just because a use of deadly force is legal and justified, the defender may still be charged and need legal assistance.

When the police arrive at the scene of a shooting or violent altercation, they do not know who is the defender (good guy or gal) and who is not. The defender is often detained until things can be sorted out.

It is even possible that the defender will be arrested until an investigation is conducted. The defender needs an attorney at this point for Legal Protection to fight on his or her behalf, and attorneys are NOT CHEAP.

Firearms legal protection cost & firearms legal protection discount code:  self defense attorney

Firearms Legal Protection steps in and provides an attorney that specializes in the use of deadly force for self-defense. They will pay the attorney fees directly on the defender’s behalf with no deductibles or co-pays of any kind.

Firearms Legal Protection Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits included in the cost of the Firearms Legal Protection Premium Plans.**

All money is paid directly to the contractor or attorney by Firearms Legal protection on behalf of the member. The member does not have to pay any deductibles, co-pays or contributions of any kind other than the membership fees.**

Expert witness

If it is determined by Firearms Legal protection that an expert witness is necessary to assist in the defense of a covered Use of Weapon Incident, Firearms Legal protection will pay up to $10,000 to cover the fees cost and expenses to retain an expert witness for this purpose.**

Investigator fees

If it is determined that an investigator is necessary to assist in the defense of a case, Firearms Legal protection wheel cover up to $10,000 of the cost fees and expenses for this investigator.**

Bail bond benefit

Firearms Legal Protection will pay up to $250,000 face value bail bond to a licensed bail bond service as part of this agreement.**

Lost wages benefit

If a member is required to attend court proceedings or a deposition as a result of a legal use of force, Firearms Legal Protection will reimburse the member. The reimbursement is up to $300 per day up to a maximum of $1500.**


Hopefully this article on the Firearms Legal Protection cost & plans was helpful in your search for information on Self Defense Legal Protection. Don’t forget to use your Firearms Legal Protection Discount Code!

If you have comments, suggestions, questions or self defense experiences, please leave a comment below.

* limitations may apply.

**For details on all benefits, see the FLP Membership Agreement here.

*** is an affiliate of Firearms Legal Protection and we recommend them highly as part of your self-defense plan. Nothing in this article should be considered Legal advice, rather it is information we are sharing that we believe to be accurate as of this writing.

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