Why Carry Concealed FAQ

Why Carry Concealed?

Why would I carry a gun? Well, I would ask this question a different way…Why wouldn’t you carry a gun? Everyone has a God given right to self (and family) protection. A gun is simply one of many tools that can be used to protect yourself from those that seek to harm you.

Why do you own a fire extinguisher? In case the unthinkable happens, you want the proper tool to deal with it.

I could go on about the debate surrounding the 2nd Amendment but that would take many pages and my goal here is to give you useful information, not to persuade you one way or the other.

Do I need a permit to carry a concealed handgun?

This depends on what state you live in. In Pennsylvania for example, you need a permit to carry concealed. It is relatively easy to obtain as long as you are an upstanding citizen without a felony record.

Pennsylvania is a “shall issue” state, meaning that they “shall issue” you a permit unless there is a legal reason (convicted felon, adjudicated mentally defective) that disqualifies you.

Some states like New York and New Jersey, and of course California are “may issue” states, meaning if you apply, they “may issue” you a permit, but they probably will not. If you live in these states, let me offer my condolences. Look here for permit information in your state.

Do I need training to carry a gun?

Training. This is another debate, but in my opinion, yes you need training.

I have been to too many gun ranges where people will wave their guns around covering (gun term for “pointing”) everyone and everything without even realizing it.

At minimum you need safety training on the 4 Rules of gun safety. Some states will require it in order to get a carry Permit. Check here to find out about your state.

My recommendation would be to check for an NRA Handgun course in your area. A basic pistol course will introduce you to gun handling, marksmanship and important things to know and consider about carrying a weapon for self defense.

If your financial situation allows it, I HIGHLY recommend going to one of the well known Gun Training Institutions such as Gunsite, Thunder Ranch, or Frontsight. There are many others all over the country.

Can I carry my gun anywhere I want?

For the most part, if you live in a gun friendly state, you can. BUT there will be exceptions in every state. In Pennsylvania you cannot carry a gun on school property or government offices property (courthouse, post office, etc). Check the resource page for information on the rules in your state.