Concealed Carry Resources

Here are some valuable resources for Concealed carry.

Be sure you have all the training, education and Legal Protection to cover all the bases of successful concealed carry.

USCCA Website

Everything you need to learn, become proficient, and cover the aftermath if you need to use your firearm for self defense.

NRA Website

NRA Home page. Join the NRA or access the latest news from the gun world.

Concealed carry Reciprocity

Find out what states will allow you to carry with your current permit. It is YOUR responsibility to know the laws in the states you live in or where you plan to travel with you concealed carry gun. Please review this website before you travel!

Know when and where you can carry concealed.

State specific Hand gun Laws

Find out what the laws and restrictions are in your state for carrying your gun. Ignorance of the law will not work as a defense, especially in states that are not “gun friendly”. Please be sure you know the laws before you strap on your concealment holster!

Gun Facts

Returning Honesty to the Gun control Debate. This website will give you facts to use when debating gun issues. Many people do not know the real statistics surrounding the use of guns for self defense.